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  • Workers Compensation & Liability Insurance


    Nursa carries workers compensation insurance for its independent contractors on the Nursa app. However, please remember that this insurance is only available to you while you are working a facility-accepted shift through the Nursa app. 


    If you are injured during a shift that you started through the Nursa App, you should contact Customer Support (801-695-9609) as soon as possible to initiate the claim process. A representative will assist you through the process of completing a claim form (see link below) so that all necessary information regarding the incident is properly submitted to the workers compensation insurance company (Workers Compensation Fund).


    To complete the form, use this link.


    From there, your claim will be assigned a Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) claim number, and a WCF adjuster will work with you directly. WCF will take over your claim and process it. 


    Once the claim has been assigned to WCF, please understand that Nursa has very limited visibility or control on how your claim is processed, its status, or its results. All questions, concerns, or issues with your claim should be directed to WCF or your WCF adjuster. 


    Please contact us within 48 hours of your experienced injury in order for us to best assist you and report your injury to WCF. Again, this insurance coverage is available to you only when you are operating as an independent contractor completing work through Nursa. Additionally, please note that any known pre-existing or re-aggravated injury will not be covered.


    Additional information for injured persons can be found on the WCF site and in the article Disclosures for Workers' Compensation Purposes from HHS.gov.


    Contact Nursa Customer Support at 801-695-9609.



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