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  • Complete a Digital Shift Report

    Nursa does not follow the traditional time tracking practices, such as clocking in/out or physical timesheets. Instead, you will receive a notification at the end of your shift prompting you to complete a Shift Report. 

    How to Complete a Nursa Shift Report

    1. Once the shift has ended, you will receive a Notification in the upper right corner of the Nursa App
      • Note: If you did not receive a notification or missed it, you can access incomplete Shift Reports by tapping Schedule > change your Shift Filters to Clinician Shift Report > select the shift date > select the shift card 
    2. Tap Finish Shift Report on the Shift Card
    3. Tap Confirm Shift Report
    4. Add/Adjust the hours worked to match the exact time that you arrived and finished the shift
      • Note: You only get paid for the time you are AT the building working, even if it's a late call.
    5. Enter in any breaks and/or comments. Click for info on the break policy.
    6. Tap Yes, it is correct
    7. Your Shift Report will then be sent to the facility to be verified

     Important Shift Report Details

    • Even if you didn't work the shift, you are still required to complete the Shift Report by marking I Did Not Work This Shift at the bottom.

    • It's up to you to complete Shift Reports on time. 

    • The facility you worked at has two business days to verify the time that you reported.

    • If the facility fails to verify their portion of the report within two business days, the app will auto-verify your Shift Report to ensure you are still paid appropriately.


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