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  • Frozen Accounts


    Quality patient care requires clinicians to be dependable, responsible, and communicative–for this reason Nursa enforces a strict cancellation policy. 

    If a Clinician Cancels the Shift

    If you are unable to work a scheduled shift for any reason, you are required to cancel the shift through the Nursa app which will automatically freeze your account for 14 days. During this time you cannot request new shifts but are still expected to work all upcoming scheduled shifts. See Removing a request on how to cancel. 

    Frozen accounts are reviewed each week by a committee. The committee will look at work history, reliability, overall cancellation rate and actual shifts worked to determine if your account is eligible for unfrozen status sooner than the 14 days. However, we can not guarantee your account will be unfrozen earlier.

    We understand unexpected things happen that can interfere with you completing your shift, and we do our best to work with you through those difficult situations. That's why being reliable, providing medical documentation or reports, and communicating with both Nursa and your scheduled facility can help increase the chances of your account being unfrozen early by our committee. 

    No call no show

    We do not tolerate no-call no-shows (NCNS). If you NCNS to a shift, disciplinary action may be taken. If you have a history of NCNS you will be permanently removed from the Nursa app and unable to request jobs through us in the future.

    Nursa™ support is available to answer questions you may have about the cancellation policy or frozen accounts. However, they are unable to unfreeze your account early for you.




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