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  • How to Reset Your Password - Facility Users

    How to Reset Your Password - Facility Users

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    As a facility user, you may find yourself needing to change your password. Whether it's because you've forgotten it or just to change it, follow these steps.

    1. Tap Menu in the top left
    2. Tap Logout and Ok
    3. On the login screen, tap Forgot Password
    4. Enter your email and tap Send Now
    5. Check your email for a Password Reset email from Nursa
    6. Tap Reset My Password in the email
    7. Enter a new password
    8. Tap Save
    9. Close the Nursa App completely
    10. Reopen the Nursa App and log in

    Note: If you did not receive the password reset email or any step failed, please contact support directly at 801-695-9609 or support@nursa.com for further assistance.

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