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    Beware of Phishing and Fraud

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    Our cyber security team continually monitors potential threats and we have recently become aware of customers who have received phishing emails from scammers pretending to work for Nursa. Phishing attacks attempt to steal sensitive information through emails, websites, text messages, or other forms of electronic communication. They try to look like official communication from legitimate companies or individuals.


    There are many helpful resources about protecting against phishing attempts. For example, here is an article published by the Federal Trade Commission, as well as an article published by Microsoft. At Nursa we take information security very seriously and ask that you also be vigilant to prevent fraud and help protect your company and keep your information safe. In addition to the suggestions from the FTC and Microsoft (links above), here are a few specific precautions we advise you take:

    • Always confirm the sender’s identity before replying to email requests and before opening attachments or clicking on links, even if they appear to come from a legitimate source.
    • Be skeptical of any unsolicited emails you receive that ask for confidential information, or that request you to update your payment information or to process a payment. If you suspect a message is not legitimate, visit the official site of the organization that allegedly sent the communication and confirm the information directly with them (instead of responding to the email).
    • Consult your Information Technology department about any potential phishing attempts. When in doubt, don’t open emails, don’t click links, and don’t share sensitive information before confirming with your IT support.
    • Specific for invoicing and payment information, always confirm Nursa’s information with your Accounts Payable department. Nursa invoices will always come from finance@nursa.com, and any follow-up communication will come from an email ending in @nursa.com. Invoices and payment information shared from individual company email addresses should always match the original invoice sent directly by finance@nursa.com.


    It is highly likely that your organization will be targeted with fraudulent emails, as these fraudulent efforts continue to increase in volume across the country. Please know that just receiving these emails is not enough to compromise your account. However, if you engage with them and mistakenly divulge sensitive information or make changes to your payment processes, then you will put your organization at risk. If you ever notice anything suspicious or unusual related to a Nursa invoice (or other Nursa request), please don’t hesitate to contact our team directly.


    You can always reach out to Nursa Support at support@nursa.com or 801-695-9609 to validate communications originating from Nursa. Or you can email our Finance team directly at finance@nursa.com.


    For reference, here are our two preferred payment methods for sending payment to Nursa (this information matches the invoices sent by finance@nursa.com):


    ACH Transfer Payments:

    Silicon Valley Bank

    Depository Account: Nursa, Inc.

    Routing Number: 121140399

    Account Number: 3303549424



    Mailing Paper Checks:

    Nursa, Inc.

    Dept 2310

    PO Box 122310

    Dallas, TX 75312-2310

    Thank you for your business, and we encourage you to train your teams to be vigilant in protecting against phishing and other related fraud attempts.



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