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  • Cancelation Notifications | Clinician Cancels Scheduled Shift

    Cancelation Notifications | Clinician Cancels Scheduled Shift

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    Facilities can be instantly notified via text message if a clinician cancels a shift. Each facility user can set up cancelation notifications in the Nursa app. Follow the instructions outlined below:

    1. Tap Menu in the top left
    2. Tap Settings
    3. Tap Cancelation Notifications
    4. Scroll down to Screenings
    5. Select notification timeframe (how far in advance you would like to receive text notifications)
      • Options: Always, 24 hours before the shift starts, or anywhere from 1 to 7 days in advance
    6. Specify each day of the week and time block to receive text notifications
      • Note: If you prefer to ALWAYS receive text notifications, you can select full day options on the bottom of this screen                                          
    7. Tap Save

    When a clinician cancels a scheduled shift, their account is immediately frozen for 14 days, the shift is automatically reposted to the marketplace with a higher pay rate to incentivize clinicians to request the shift (your bill rate will not change), and an emergency notification goes out to all available clinicians.

    Note: By setting up Cancelation Notifications, you're opting in to receive text notifications if someone cancels a scheduled shift. Standard text messaging rates may apply.

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